The MEANTIME programme has now ended.

MEANTIME wishes to thank everyone that worked here and anyone who paid attention.

Special thanks to Paul McKee, Mike Howell, Ken Ward, Andrew Stonyer, Peter Stiles, Adam White, Lorna Willcox, ReProjects, Jo Leahy, Neil Walker, Dan Howard, Ben Calvert, Joanna Greenhill, Clara Hambling, Sophie Wilson, Helen Brown, Stuart Wilding, Chie Konishi, Dylan McCaughtrie Bowden, Roger Puplett, Roy Harris, Adam Burton, Teresa Carneiro, Louisa Fairclough, Natasha Houseago, Martin Wooster, Oliver Bliss, Grace Davies, Ruth Claxton, Cheryl Jones, Andrew Bick, Tony Clancy, Richard Billingham, Nat Goodden, Paul Rosenbloom, Jack Southern, Ashley Benson-Wilson, Jon Andriessen, Raoul Dyevre, Mike Ward, Paul Harper, Debbie Kingsley, Gavin McClafferty, Chris Cundy, Richard Davies, Robert Perry, Bob Freeman, Rose Szarowicz, Elaine Fisher, Will Lindley and Laura Dowling.

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