MEANTIME was a space for the development and production of contemporary art in central Cheltenham from 2007 to 2014, located in Oxford Passage. MEANTIME presented a year-round programme of artist-residencies, exhibitions, workshops, discussions and live events such as music, film and performance. It occupied a mid-point, neither an artist’s studio nor a gallery, but an active workspace somewhere between. MEANTIME supported artists to experiment and realise new work, and offered a resource for engagement in and discussion around current artistic practice. 

Visit the Archive to read about and view MEANTIME residencies, projects and live events. Additional photos can be viewed here. Projects are further discussed by guest contributors on the MEANTIME blog.

Post-venue, MEANTIME has been the driver behind "We Are Moving", a project to document and respond to changes taking place on Cheltenham Lower High Street as it undergoes redevelopment. This culminated in a collection of photographs, audio and video recordings, archive material and artistic responses that were collated into a publication, and exhibited at The Wilson in January 2016.

The symposium that accompanied the exhibition discussed who and what the 21st century High Street is for, exploring the idealism of past times and the possibility of future public environments that are both for and not-for commerce. More information about this project at

In 2017 MEANTIME becomes a commissioning organisation, working with communities in Cheltenham to activate spaces in the public realm.


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